How To Choose The Right Flooring In Your Home

Choosing The Right Flooring

Unless you are a world-famous interior design expert, choosing your new flooring for your home is more than likely going to leave you with a twinge of doubt. What looks great in the showroom underneath those bright lights, when actually fitted in your home, might show dirt, seem gloomy or bland or just plain ugly. A sample that might look great, when sized up to fit your living room, does not often gel. So how do you choose the right floor covering?

Choosing The Right Flooring

The last thing you want is to fit your brand new and expensive carpet that then becomes worn or dirty very quickly. The difference the more durable flooring surfaces can make to high-traffic areas over the years really makes them worth considering. Hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and other areas that experience this high foot traffic as well as spills, stains and scuffs will remain brighter and more attractive in the long term the more durable a surface you use.

Considering Colour, Light And Shade In Your Home

Large and small spaces benefit from a sense of light and space, though the exact impact you want to achieve depends on the room and the orientation. Some smaller rooms, including bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens, nearly always depend on features and furnishings to achieve a welcoming sense of space to make it more homely. This can often be a challenge to combine with the positioning of features such as appliances and furniture.

The best and simplest approach is to use patterns such as grids and ceramic tiled patterns to open up the room. While also fitting the functional theme, a ceramic tile pattern such as the classic black and white chequered ‘chessboard’ flooring lends your floor an optical illusion that provides a striking impression of space.

How To Choose The Right Colour Carpets And Rugs

Very light or very dark colours can both provide a sense of light. By considering light and dark shades, you can produce a great brightening effect in otherwise dingy-feeling rooms. A very dark floor can bring out the light in a room with white fittings and walls, while a lighter floor can create a broad neutral feel that accentuated décor features and accents.

Think About The Whole House When Choosing Carpet

Your house, throughout the day, will be a wide range of shades and atmospheres, as natural light moves and changes across the day. Neither will you be in one room all day- so factor in the feel of a flooring as part of the whole.

Carpets Newport

With around a quarter of a century’s worth of experience dealing with all kinds of carpet installations, at MG’s Carpets & Rugs we are the perfect place to turn for all your carpeting needs in and around the area of Newport. From choosing the exact design of carpet to one that has a patterned weave and sumptuous texture, we have everything that you might need.

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