The Complete Guide To Buying Carpet

Buying Carpet

You don’t buy new carpet very often, but you walk on it every day. So, when you’re searching for a new carpet, you’ll want a product that hits the mark in terms of both style and durability. Despite the fact that you can quickly and easily buy carpet online from your favourite web retailer, as with any relatively expensive purchase it pays to do your research, shop around, and get what you want, for a price you feel comfortable paying.

If you are considering buying your new carpet, here are some things our customers ask about, time and again:

Do You Supply Carpet Samples

Most carpet retailers offer free carpet samples on most of their product lines. This practice helps you as a customer, allowing you to view different carpet styles under ‘true light’ conditions, i.e. the actual lighting in your home, rather than the (usually brighter) lights in retail premises. It’s amazing how different carpets can look when you place them in situ in your own home. We’d always recommend getting your hands on a sample, where possible.

The Best Carpet Fitters

If you’re buying carpet exclusively online, you’ll probably need to arrange your own fitting. The NICF (National Institute of Carpet and Floor layers) holds a UK database of skilled carpet fitters, allowing you to search by postcode or region/location. It can often work out cheaper to book your fitting separately, avoiding any potential mark-up from a retail store. Remember, there’s no such thing as ‘free fitting’.

You may also be tempted to fit the carpet yourself, but we’d always advise against this (unless you are, in fact, a professional carpet fitter). Getting a truly snug, clean and precise fit actually takes a lot of training and skill. After spending all that money on your carpet and accessories, it’s always a shame when we hear about, or see, botched fits. And because it would take a skilled fitter extra time to resolve any problems, take up the carpet, realign grippers, etc… you may end up more out of pocket by the end of the process.

You should ensure your carpet is fitted in accordance with BS5325, the British Standard for the installation of textile floor coverings.

When Should You Fit Underlay

Like fitting, purchasing underlay separately can also work out cheaper, allowing you to search for the best online deals on your product of choice. Typically, you won’t find samples available for underlay, so it always pays to visit a retail carpet store and see the product for yourself.

Skimping on your underlay may sound like a great idea at first, especially if it helps you shave a few more pound signs off the price, but buying carpet is a long-term investment, and as such, buying the highest-quality underlay (and grippers/accessories) you can afford will ensure a better finish, and a higher degree of durability and comfort.

How To Choose Carpets For Room Types

Always consider the type of room you want to buy carpet for. Each home, and even each area of your home, has particular quirks, kinks and styles that could affect your buying process.

For example, a bedroom carpet typically takes far less wear than a stair carpet, so you may opt for a product that has a more luxurious feel for the bedroom, and a hardier carpet for high traffic areas.

Are you matching carpet to a specific colour scheme? Do you plan to redecorate soon? You may not be able to completely renovate your whole house, so planning room by room, even if it might be sometime in the future, is always a good idea. How the rest of your home is decorated may also affect your colour/pattern choice. Patterned carpets tend to give more colour options, whereas plain/single coloured carpets allow greater flexibility for the use of patterns in other areas of your decor (e.g. wallpaper).

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