Tips On Choosing Carpet

How To Choose Carpet

How does walking through the front door actually make you feel at the end of the day? Your home is perhaps the one place you can realise and experiment with your interior design fantasies, perhaps flex your creativeness and build that space you feel completely and perfectly at ease.

How To Create The Perfect Space

All too often though in reality, our carpets and choice of flooring do not actually reflect this. Years of wear and tear, dirt and dust, spills and stains, take their toll on our floors and leave them looking worn, scruffy and faded. Unlike, for example, curtains, fittings or wallpaper, our carpets bear the brunt of everyday life and suffer substantially for it.

Heavy foot traffic and constantly moving furniture treads down the pile, and they soon start to leave their original vibrancy and charm behind. Many of us do not change our carpets for years after they have deteriorated, failing to notice the decline and just falling gradually out of love with our home interiors, little by little, without realising why.

A good quality carpet has a distinctive feel and look and has the amazing power to change the way we feel in our homes. Literally every step you take through your home can be improved by a high-quality floor- meaning if you have overlooked upgrading your carpet for a while – it could be the answer to falling back in love with coming home.

Choosing A Durable Carpet

So, imagine the feeling of stepping onto a brand new carpet that cushions & warms, springy and comfy at the same time – that new carpet smell! Bright and stylish, it captures the eye and creates a feeling of light and space to the room. This is what great carpet should do. Now imagine if this effect was not a new carpet at all, but one that it’s been in place for years. Even after years of wear, it is still just as attractive and comfortable as it was on day one.

That is the importance of choosing a durable carpet. Two, five or even ten years later- you want to experience the same comfort & quality you get on the day you fit your carpet.

Choosing The Right Carpet

Choosing the right thickness of carpet for your floor means getting the right balance of comfort, warmth and depth for your needs. Bedrooms and living rooms, where comfort is typically most important, often benefit from both a deeper carpet and a thicker underlay, which both helps heat retention and makes the floor more comfortable. It allows you to stretch out in comfort in front of the TV, walk around in bare feet in the night and enjoy warmth and luxurious softness even on the coldest winter’s day.

Choosing Carpet In Newport

With around a quarter of a century’s worth of experience dealing with all kinds of carpet installations, at MG’s Carpets & Rugs we are the perfect place to turn for all your carpeting needs in and around the area of Newport. From choosing the exact design of carpet to one that has a patterned weave and sumptuous texture, we have everything that you might need.

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