When To Buy New Carpet

Choosing A New Carpet

Get cosy for winter (and yes, we are not there yet) with a warming new carpet. Are you deliberating about getting a new carpet? Look at what you have got and see if any of the article comments below sounds familiar.

Worn Carpet

It is a fact of life that some areas in the home or in a room get a lot more foot traffic than others – let’s think about doorways, stairs and the congested in the morning hallways. However, if you notice that the carpet is becoming really frayed, tired and matted down, then we are going to say that it may be time to invest in a new carpet for your home.

Top Carpet Tips: Going over the tired area with a vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment can help to breathe new life into a carpet with only a little wear, tear and effort, however, if the carpet is still looking flat, lifeless or discoloured then it is probably time for a new carpet for your home.

Carpet Stains

This is a fairly obvious one: if, no matter how hard you try and try again, you cannot get rid of a pesky stain or two, then it is certainly time to call in the carpet professionals. And if they do not succeed, then it is time to cut your losses and pay a visit to a carpet shop! Stains are unsightly and will make even the stylish of homes look unloved and unkept.

Bad Smelling Carpets

Does your home always seem to have a musty or stuffy smell even after you have vacuumed or cleaned? This may be your carpet is to blame; dirt can very easily work its way into the carpet fibres, especially if your carpet has not been shampooed recently or regularly. Think about this all those wine and coffee spills, muddy boots or paw prints and “pet accidents” can all add up to unpleasant and lingering odours.

Top Carpet Tips: Why not try sprinkling your carpet with some baking soda and leaving it to sit for a few hours before vacuuming very thoroughly. But if the smell persists, even if you have called professional carpet cleaners in, then it is time to call it a day and treat yourself to a lovely new carpet – just in time for the Autumn, too!

Carpets Make You Sneeze

It is another fact of life that carpet fibres can attract a lot dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens that can unfortunately produce troublesome symptoms and health issues. If you find yourself suffering from frequent colds or allergy symptoms, then it could be your old carpet – you will probably find a lot of relief from these symptoms once your carpet has been replaced, we know!

Just Terrible Looking Carpet

Let us be honest with each other here; does your carpet simply look old, dated or beyond repair? You will not believe the difference a new carpet could make to your home and your general mood! Whether you go for a deep and luxurious pile, a practical twist or a textured carpet, we have got something for every taste and budget.

Carpets And Rugs Newport

With around a quarter of a century’s worth of experience dealing with all kinds of carpet installations, at MG’s Carpets & Rugs we are the perfect place to turn for all your carpeting needs in and around the area of Newport. From choosing the exact design of carpet to one that has a patterned weave and sumptuous texture, we have everything that you might need.

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