Which Window Blinds To Choose For Your Room

Which Window Blinds To Choose For Your Room

There are huge range of window blinds to choose from but although colour and style are important, have you thought about having the right blind to suit your rooms function. We have put together some helpful hint to help you know which window blind to choose for your room.

Blinds For Your Bedroom

What blinds are best for a bedroom? A roller blind will give the best the best light blocking needed for a bedroom. Although Venetian or vertical blinds are great, they do allow light into the room when closed. You need the perfect environment to sleep and rollers will help you to do this.

Blinds For Bathrooms & Kitchens

What window blinds are good for a bathroom? In a bathroom, which has high humidity, a robust water-resistant blind will give you the best performance. There are a variety of styles that will suit but it’s all about the material they are made from.

What are the best Blinds for a Kitchen? As with bathroom blinds, it’s all about the material. As well as being water resistant they need the added bonus of being wipeable, as we all know spills happen, even at window height.

How Much To Spend

How much you would like to spend is all about your budget but no matter how much you have available to spend they is a great choice at all price levels. Discuss with your local professional service to see which blind will work best for you.

Window Blinds Newport

Welcome to MG’s Carpets and Rugs, blind specialists in Newport since 1994. As a family-run business for over 24 years, we supply quality window blinds to both domestic and commercial customers at highly competitive prices. Customer satisfaction has always been our priority and we are committed to providing the highest standards of service.

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