What Type of Carpet is Best?

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MG’s Carpets & Rugs have many years’ experience which we can use to advise as to what type of carpet is best. We have a wide range op options which can suit any style of home and budget. If you’d like to find out more about these, you can visit our website or call our friendly team today on 01633 870701 and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

Types of Carpet Fibers

There are five types of carpet fibers to choose from to have in your home or business. Here is a little about them in more detail…

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One material is Polypropylene, and it is very similar looking to wool but is it not as expensive. It is commonly used for making outdoor rugs as it the materials don’t fade in direct sunlight and they are also water resistant. Basements and utility rooms commonly house this style of carpet. It is the least durable material in comparison to other synthetic fibers and it can sometimes be hard to clean.


Polyester carpets often hold colour a lot better so are the first choice for achieving a bright, vibrant colour. This carpet is popular for being a softer option and having a slight shine to it. They are also seen to be an eco-friendlier option as it is recycled easily and can be made from other recycled polyester.


As the best organic fiber for carpets, wool is one of the more expensive options of carpet. You have to be more cautious with this material as it is delicate and won’t survive well in high traffic areas because of this. It is however fire resistant so works well in homes with open fires. They are great for absorbing moisture too. This too is an eco-friendly option as well as a renewable source.


A rather new carpet fiber is Triexta and has caught people’s attention because of its extreme durability and stain resistance. It is a soft carpet option, however much like wool, it doesn’t keep well in high traffic areas like hallways and home entrances.


The most popular fiber for carpets is Nylon. With it’s high durability and low maintenance requirement, it has been and continues to be a favourite for homes across the UK. It’s downfall is it’s low resistance to stains, but this can be improved with the right treatment. It ranges in price to make it an option for all kinds of budgets.

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What is the Most Durable Carpet Material?

The most durable carpet material has been proven to be Nylon. As mentioned, it is easy to keep this carpet clean and doesn’t taken much when it does come to keeping it looking new. We have another blog to explain in further detail how you can maintain the life of your carpet and how often you should clean your carpets. We can advise as to which treatments will be best for freshening up your flooring, so call our team on 01633 870701 to find out more about this.

Nylon carpets go well in any room, whether it be a lounge or hallway as high traffic areas don’t wear this carpet as quickly as it would others. So long as you treat it well, you will reap the rewards much like any flooring option!

Carpets For All Rooms

We provide carpets for all rooms of your home, no matter the style or budget you may have. With our experience in the industry and the quality products we provide here at MG’s Carpets & Rugs, you can trust our advice and opinion on what would look best in your home. Find out more about what we have to offer by calling our team on 01633 870701


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