Choosing The Right Rug For You

Choosing The Right Rug For You

Choosing the right rug for you and your home is just as important as choosing your flooring. You will want the rug or runner to match in with your rooms overall look but there are some points to remember beyond the colour or pattern of your rug.

What Size Rug Do You Need

Measure the space where you want the rug to be placed so you make sure it covers the area you wish. If the rug is going to be placed in a space such as your living rooms seating area, then remember to measure from where the furniture will be placed to give you the correct size you need.

What Rug Is Best For Your Room

Each room brings it own requirements for the size and placement of your new rug or runner.

– Living Room- As stated above a rug in a living room tends to be in a seating area. Remember that most furniture in the room will be on or on the edge of your rug so, this will be a sizeable rug. A thick pile is ideal for comfort.

– Dining Room- Match the rug shape with your table to give a seamless look. As with the living room your dining room furniture will it on the rug.

– Bedrooms- In a bedroom a rug can be placed at the foot of a bed or even a large rug under and to the edge of the bed. Think a thick comfy pile to give you that extra touch of luxury in the room you relax in.

– Stairs & Hallways- A simple runner at your front door will protect your flooring and reduce dirty and damage. A short pile is ideal to maintain in these areas. A simple runner up your stairs can provide a great look especially in a period home but measurements are key, if you aren’t sure or have any questions contact your local rug specialist.

Rugs and Runners Newport

Here at MG Carpets & Rugs we supply the best range of rugs and runners in Newport for you and your room. Our modern styles are also extremely popular as they look bright, colourful and are available in a range of geometric patterns and bold floral. Contact our expert team or visit our showroom today


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