Choosing Window Blinds Newport

Choosing WIndow Blinds

MG Carpets are here to help you with choosing blinds. We have years of experience under our belts so you can trust our advice on wats better suited to you. If you wish to speak to us directly, don’t hesitate to call our team on 01633 842842 and arrange a home visit or a free quote. For now, read on for our top tips and things to consider when making your decision.

Blind Prices Newport

Before you start shopping, it’s important to consider blind prices. Create a budget to go out with so you don’t go overboard. Only look at blinds in your price range as it is easy to get your heart set on something you can’t have. Of course, allow for the price to be upped ever so slightly, but be sensible and really think about what you’re doing. We have a lot of quality blinds you can choose from at a range of prices.

Benefits Of Window Blinds

Even if you’ve bought blinds before, it’s always good to look at the benefits of blinds. Check the ones you are looking are practical and offer the privacy and light protection you desire. Some blinds only mute the intensity of light, but others come in blackout which are useful for when you’re watching a movie or putting the children to bed. On the other hand, you may not want fabric blinds in your kitchen as they aren’t so easy to clean, or roller blinds may be favoured for easy use in commercial buildings. All our styles and designs are amazing for different reasons so it’s good to do your homework.

Blinds For Lighting Control

We have many blinds for lighting control as we understand they’ll be needed for different uses. In some rooms you may want to have some privacy without eliminating light, in which case vertical, venetian or pleated blinds would be best for this as the slats direct light into the room while also creating privacy. As mentioned before, blackout blinds are better suited for children’s rooms or movie rooms. They come best in roller form as they’re easy to operate and are amazing for light control.

Newport Blind Styles

Think about how you would like our blind styles to have effect the room. Would you like them to simple serve their purpose or also be a statement of the room? Roman blinds are a good way of adding sophistication and pattern to a room. We find a lot of our customers use a statement wallpaper or a piece of furniture and use the same design for their blind to tie it all in. Where a more professional look is desired, our vertical or roller blinds are a favourite. They are also effortless to handle so won’t be a distraction during meetings if sun is trying to enter the room.

Colours To Suit Your Space

You must also consider the theme of the room when choosing blind colours to suit your space. If the room is full of bright colours and patterns, a plain black blind may not be the best choice. It doesn’t send to work the same the other way around, where you have a bold splash of colour in a plain room, as this is a trend that has been adopted by many. Having accent colours adds style to a room and is an amazing interior design feature. Be sure to think carefully about what colours, textures and styles you are mixing together as you won’t want one of the biggest parts of your room to clash. If in doubt, go with a neutral colour which won’t make much on an impact on your room, but will serve its purpose.

Blind Maintenance Newport

When it comes to blind maintenance, we have the best advice. We suggest you replace the moving parts of you blinds to avid wear and tear leading to them breaking – we particularly push this for vertical blinds or ones that are opened and closed a lot. Cleaning is important too to keep them looking new and fresh. It will improve the overall look of your room too and only requires some hot soapy water and a cloth.

Blind Durability

It’s important to check blind durability before purchasing. As mentioned before, for blinds that are opened and closed a lot, parts may need replacing every six months to ensure they keep their life. Our team will be able to tell you everything you need to know before buying and will suggest the best option based on your needs. Asking your friends or family members about their experiences may be of help to you too so do your research.

MG Carpets Newport

Come to MG Carpets Newport for blinds that fit any theme of home or business. Our many designs and finishes allow you to customise your blinds to make them personal to you. They are also safe and have a long lifespan (if you look after them). For more information on what we have to offer, speak to an experienced member of our team today on 01633 842842


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