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For commercial flooring in Newport, contact our friendly and helpful team today. We can tailor our services to meet the particular needs of your commercial premises. Likewise, we know that your floors can change the way that clients view your business. Therefore, we offer a broad variety of carpet tiles, contract carpets and safety flooring that is perfect for several commercial applications.

So, if your floors have seen better days, in a hotel, pub, restaurant, school, or other commercial building- then pay a visit to our showroom to see what we have on offer.

Contract Carpets

We have contract carpets in multiple designs and colours to suit the interior of your commercial premises, as well as the branding of your business. All the contract carpets we supply are durable and we work with industry leading manufacturers, to ensure your total satisfaction. If you could do with commercial carpets that are simple to clean, and able to withstand high foot traffic, get in touch for an estimation.

Carpet Tiles

Our carpet tiles are available in lots of different colours and designs, are easy to fit and long lasting. This sort of floor makes for an affordable choice and is appropriate for expansive areas. Carpets tiles are also easy to fix should they become damaged, as you can replace individual tiles easily and quickly.

If you would like an estimation on carpet tiles, give us a call today.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Visit our showroom today to browse our range of durable and slip resistant commercial vinyl flooring. You can opt for your flooring to be heat welded and coved. This will create a smooth finish that is simple to clean. Furthermore, with our top quality products, you can expect years of outstanding performance.

Our safety flooring is suitable for various commercial spaces including kitchens and ancillary areas such as the storage areas, pot wash, service corridors, cold stores, serving areas and bars.

What’s The Best Type Of Flooring For My Business?

The flooring that you decide on could support or damage your business. While it may seem like a small decision to make, selecting the wrong flooring could prove a hindrance to business operations and compromise the safety of your customers and staff.

If you own a shop, then our knowledgeable team may not recommend you install carpets as it would not withstand heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, if there were any food and drink spillages in your retail premises, it would be difficult to remove stains from carpets. The most appropriate flooring for your business will depend on the type of business you have.

If you give us a call, our experts will be happy to discuss whether carpets, hard flooring, vinyl, wood, engineered wood or laminate will work best in your property.

What Is The Difference Between Carpet Tiles and Contract Carpets?

You can get contract carpets in large rolls which tend to be a minimum of 12 feet in width. These rolls are laid over the top of a carpet pad that sits above the floor substrate. Our team fit the carpet by aligning large pieces beside each other, making adjustment cuts wherever necessary. The carpet pad can also be trimmed to the right size for the area.

Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares, come in squares that are pre-sized with an integrated base and backing. These tiles sit above your substrate and the fitting team will install tiles one by one, only trimming squares when needed.

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