Flooring For Every Room: How To Pick The Right Floors

How To Choose Carpet

Each room in your home will have different demands of its flooring. There’s no reason why you can’t be creative with floor coverings, but some rooms will fare better with certain materials. We’ve created a simple guide to ensure you’re choosing the right floors for your home.

The Best Kitchen Flooring

Kitchens need a flooring that’s resistant to spills and moisture. It should also be easy to clean and be compatible with most standard cleaning products. Footwear is sometimes worn in the kitchen, particularly while cooking. There’s also chairs and tables that will be moved regularly. Therefore, the floor needs to be robust and scratch-resistant. We think that LVT and engineered wood make excellent solutions, as they meet all the requirements that a kitchen has.

The Best Bedroom Flooring

The bedroom is a place to relax and rest. Therefore, you’ll want your flooring to lend itself to that. Carpet is the best flooring for bedrooms because it’s soft underfoot and promotes a peaceful atmosphere. This means it’ll be pleasant to walk on even with bare feet, and should keep the room feeling warmer and more comfortable.

baby feet on rug

If you have children, consider choosing a carpet that’s got stain-resistant properties and the ability to hold up well to cleaning products in their bedrooms. You can also choose vinyl or LVT, which can still be warm if you also install underfloor heating.

The Best Bathroom Flooring

Bathrooms are often wet and humid, so the flooring needs to be able to withstand this. It also needs to be slip-resistant, even when wet to prevent any accidents. LVT is a great bathroom flooring solution because it can meet all of those needs and look beautiful while doing it.

Living Rooms & Hallways

High traffic areas like living rooms and hallways need floors that can hold up to plenty of wear and tear. Therefore, we would choose tiles or engineered wood flooring for these areas. You can add rugs if you want to create warmth and a nicer feel underfoot, without having the maintenance of a carpet. A more robust floor in these areas will hold up better over time and offer better value for money.

For All Floor Types, Choose MG Carpets & Rugs

No matter what type of floor you want, we can help. Our team offer a free measuring service and can advise you which solution is best for your needs. Contact us today to discuss any of our services.


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