A Guide To The Different Types Of Flooring

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Do you find the amount of flooring options overwhelming? There’s quite a bit to consider when deciding on a new surface for your home or business. You need to think practically about where it’s going and who’s going to go on it. We’ve compiled a list to make it easier to decide.


If you’re a comfort seeker, then warm and cosy carpets underfoot are probably a favoured option. It’s the perfect addition to a living room or bedroom; turning your house into a home. It’s best to avoid installing carpet in places with lots of water and spillages, so it’s not suitable for bathrooms or kitchens.

If you’re a commercial business and are looking to update an office space or classroom, carpet tiles are an easy and affordable option. They’re also quick and simple to replace if they ever get damaged, as individual squares can easily come out.

Wood Flooring

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Solid wood floors are a timeless addition to any property. It gives character and style to many rooms.  The well sought-after look of classic oak is perfect for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Parquet designs can offer a charming delivery of solid wood floors. This is geometric shapes that create unique patterns. Herringbone and basket weave are just some examples of alternatives to straight wood. As it’s natural timber, it may be prone to some scratching and imperfections.

Laminate Wood

If you’re looking for cost-effective flooring but still want the look of real wood, then laminate is the perfect option. The multi-layered structure makes it super resilient and hard-wearing, making it ideal for hallways or rooms with lots of traffic. Unlike real wood, it offers a layer of resistance, so it won’t fade over time. However, if there were to be any major issues, it can’t be refinished like solid wood can.

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Engineered Wood

Engineered flooring is a great option if you want to keep the look and feel of real wood. The top layer of this surface is the real thing, so you get to have the texture of natural timber. In contrast with solid wood, it can withstand frequent changes in temperature. As a bonus, you can still sand it down if you ever did want to refinish it.

Vinyl Flooring

Looking to jazz up a space? Vinyl has endless amounts of designs and patterns that give the illusion of many types of surfaces – including the look of wood, stone or ceramic. What’s great about vinyl is that it’s easy to clean and waterproof, making it ideal for rooms with lots of mess. Moreover, vinyl is quick and easy to install. It’s one of the most cost-effective options for your home or business.

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Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

The crème de la crème of vinyl, LVT is a much thicker material in the form of individual tiles. They come in a huge variety of designs, giving you all the benefits of vinyl. In contrast with the large rolls of vinyl, individual tiles can be repaired easily if one was to get damaged. We offer a range of quality tiles, including brands like Karndean, which can fit any interior. The stunning designs are great for kitchens and bathrooms.

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