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If you are considering getting an engineered wood floor in Newport, get in touch with us today. We supply and install a broad variety of engineered wooden floors from well known brands, expertly manufactured to ensure optimal longevity and stability. Our products are available in several finishes, so you can have total confidence that you will find an option that suits your residential or commercial building.

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What Is Engineered Wood?

Engineered wood is an ideal choice of flooring in areas prone to damp, as it will not absorb excessive moisture. This sort of floor is made by layering sections of solid wood and connecting these together. Consequentially, the planks are hardwearing and unlikely to expand and contract. Do you worry about damp or humidity in parts of your property such as basements and conservatories? If so, then engineered flooring could be the answer.

V4 Flooring

We have a wide range of V4 flooring to choose from at our showrooms, with 10 stunning collections to browse through. These hardwood floors are available in many finishes, such as hand-scraped, weathered, oiled, embossed, matt and lacquered. This will enable you to create a sleek look in domestic and commercial properties. You can choose from various grades, ranging from prime to traditional. Moreover, you can take your pick from various natural wood effects including uniform, rustic, sophisticated and natural wood, to enhance the aesthetic appeal of each board.

Benefits Of V4 Wood Flooring

Learn about some of the benefits of V4 wood flooring that you can expect:

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Is Engineered Wood Better Than Hardwood Floors?

Solid, wooden floors are made from various hardwood species, such as Oak, Cherry and Beech. Companies mill them with tongues and grooves on opposite edges so that the boards seamlessly interlock when fitted. Tradespeople nail the solid wood to the subfloor, a process that demands finesse. Primarily made from solid wood, tradespeople can sand down and refinish this floor many times over its lifespan. Engineered wooden floors look like solid wood. However, they consist of a thin hardwood layer connected to a premium plywood layer, creating exceptional stability. A top quality engineered floor can last up to a few decades, and it is affordable and simple to install.

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