Hardwood or Vinyl – Which Is More Suitable For Your Bathroom?

hardwood flooring and bath

As an addendum to our last blog, we’ll now consider the best flooring for your bathroom. With an exhaustive list of choices on the market, it can be difficult to make an informed choice. Our work is never done, so we’re here to break down the differences between hardwood and vinyl flooring. You want something waterproof, non-slip and customisable, so keep reading for our recommendations.

Vinyl (Luxury & Normal)

Vinyl is an extremely popular option for bathroom flooring, and as such, comes in a variety of colours and styles. Its customisable nature is ideal for those who have a specific design in mind for their bathroom décor. Plus, it’s a cost-effective option and easy to repair when damaged, which saves you hard-earned cash in the long run. Vinyl is also completely waterproof — which is crucial for preventing water damage. A versatile and affordable option, vinyl has been a sound household favourite for years. We can certainly agree with the sentiment.

Engineered Hard Wood

If you’re interested in high-quality and glamorous flooring, hardwood is ideal. It mimics the polished appearance of real wood, but with none of the caveats. Hardwood is moisture resistant and prevents water seeping into the subfloor, which protects the structural integrity of your product. Replacements will be infrequent, which makes it a cost-effective flooring solution. Regular sanding treatments will stave off dullness and keep your wood looking fresh, whilst eradicating stubborn stains. It’s also easy to clean and maintain — a damp cloth will get the job done.

engineered hardwood floor and bath

Bathroom Flooring To Avoid

While most flooring is suitable for bathrooms in some form or another, there are two materials we don’t recommend — carpet and real wood. Carpet is incompatible for obvious reasons. It absorbs moisture rapidly and can take a long time to dry out, which isn’t ideal in a damp environment. This can lead to mould, unpleasant odours and a perpetually soggy carpet. As for real wood, although it looks beautiful, it’s sorely lacking in waterproof qualities (unlike its cousin, engineered flooring). Interaction with water can warp and distort the wood, so frequent and expensive replacements would be mandatory to maintain its opulence. To save yourself a headache, consider one of the options listed above instead.

vinyl bathroom flooring and porcelain bath

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s certainly possible, but proper precautions must be taken so you don’t waste time and money. You will need a special primer to help the paint adhere and a sealant to protect it against water damage. Then, ensure your flooring is pristine and sanded (if applicable) to expedite the application process. However, as with any DIY project, do you research first – every material will behave differently and have their own caveats.

In essence, there is no ‘most affordable’ option, because it depends on your personal circumstances and the size of your bathroom. However, because bathrooms have a low surface volume, refitting your bathroom floor is not as expensive as other rooms in your home. This may allow you flexibility in your budget, or provide a greater opportunity to save money.

Some homeowners opt for the same flooring throughout their home to purport an illusion of a luxurious, open space — but if the rest of your home has carpet or a material not particularly suited to bathrooms, then it might be wise to avoid doing so. Of course, don’t let us stop you. If you’re willing to put the creative effort in, anything can work!

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