Have You Chosen The Right Carpet For Your Room

Have You Chosen The Right Carpet For Your Room

When you choose a new carpet for your room it is not just about the style. It is important for it to be practical too. We will show you how choosing the right carpet for your room can make the carpet last much longer and get a great look as well. Have you chosen the right carpet for your room?

What Carpet For A Bedroom

Think extra soft when thinking, what carpet for a bedroom? Your bedroom is not a massively high traffic area and you want the most relaxing feel for the evening and first thing in the morning. Go for the luxury feel of a deep pile.

The Best Carpet For A Living Room

Your living room is a high traffic area. When choosing the best carpet for a living room, you should think about how your room is used and the best carpet to give you & your family the best overall experience.

Now the living room is an area that needs a mix of comfort & practicality. A medium pile is ideal, as it gives your softness but is still easy to clean. Also remember, colour is key. Do not go to light, as this will show the daily effects from family life. This tip can also apply to the hallways and stairs.

Carpets For Hallways And Stairs

The hallways and stairs are passed through, but most people do not take the time to buy the correct carpet for these high traffic areas or see if they need a replacement.

A more hard-wearing carpet with a short pile, that is easily cleaned, is ideal for the stairs and hallways. A rug or runner by the front door will also help to keep the carpet at its best, with mud water and other dirt coming into your home.

Carpets And Flooring South Wales

So, have you chosen the right carpet for your room? Welcome to MG’s Carpets and Rugs, flooring specialists in Newport since 1994. As a family-run business for over 24 years, we supply quality flooring to both domestic and commercial customers at highly competitive prices. Customer satisfaction has always been our priority and we are committed to providing the highest standards of service


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