How To Choose Carpets For Your Office

Choosing Office Flooring

Your office is not complete without hard wearing flooring. But it does not need to be the final touch or after thought; it can be the central tenant around which you design the rest of the work space. More so, carpeting can be so compelling that remarkably little else is needed to liven up your office. The trick here is selecting the right carpet for your office needs.

Carpet Tiles Or Broadloom Installation

Whether you choose broadloom or carpet tiles for the office space, there are plenty of colour, texture and pattern choices to choose. There are strong benefits to either of these or the key difference is the flexibility you require in your business space.

Broadloom Carpeting – Widely known as wall-to-wall carpeting, helps to create uniformity throughout a workspace. Because there are no divisions on the carpeting, the pattern you choose is the pattern you get and see. It is a great option for certain areas of your office, especially if you have plenty of floors to cover and wide spaces.

Carpeting Tiles – These fit very easily into just about any office space and offer a number of different features. One of the benefits is that carpet tiles can be used to create unique spaces, separating areas into different teams and spaces. These are a perfect match for the smaller office. It is also significantly easier to replace an area that has worn thin or become stained over time.

Strength And Durability Are Paramount

Consider the use the office floor gets every year, every week and every single day. The carpet must deal with all of that wear, tear and abuse. It also needs to look good until you decide it is time or you can afford to replace it. That means you may need to consider different carpets for different areas. Storerooms, for example, typically do not see the same foot traffic that your reception does. Consider trading off lesser used rooms to spend a bit more budget in high traffic areas. Ideally, you will want the strongest carpet you can afford in public areas, and under desks.

Choosing The Best Office Flooring

Office carpets can display just how successful your business is; they can show your staff that you are committed to meeting their needs and comfort. Carpets can say a lot about a business – flooring that appears worn or damaged will put anyone off; whereas carpeting that is well installed and well maintained can create a positive and professional mood. The trick is to know just how much maintenance you are willing to put to your carpets and choosing to floor that correlates to those needs. If you have a small office, with only a few employees and a weekly cleaner, the carpeting you choose should disguise any spots and dirt until cleaning day. On the other hand, larger offices with a team of dedicated cleaners may be able to opt for lighter colours and plusher carpets in their boardrooms.

Use Colour To Brighten The Office

Once you know the actual needs your flooring must fulfil, then it is time for a little colour fun. The hues and shades you choose for your new office flooring can “jazz” up your space, or make your office appear as sensible as you want it to look.

Bright, bold colours on your floors can liven a space significantly more than you realise. Within this range, outdoorsy colours tend to make people naturally happy, and unrestricted. These are brilliant options for creative companies, travel agencies, and innovation online businesses.

Cooler colours do not necessarily have the opposite effect as much as they are designed to calm people. Most employees find that cooler colours allow them to feel peaceful while at work, which helps companies whose key employees do independent work at their computers. Staying focused on tasks is associated with lighter tones and hues.

Strong, dark colours suggest wealth and power. Dark carpeting with white walls also conveys a sense of style that is difficult to recreate elsewhere without the use of expensive decor. Dark carpeting colours are excellent choices for financial institutions and consulting practices.

Every office space needs a combination of all these sensations and emotive colours. Smaller offices can easily replicate what larger businesses have been doing for years – creating different areas, and different moods with plays on colour. Choose one colour to make a bold statement in reception, another for your main workspaces, and even another for your accounts department.

There is no shortage of ideas for mixing it up either. We have plenty of ideas on this blog for mixing and matching carpeting tiles and flooring. You may also want to browse through some of the inspiring offices from around the world, taking note of the elements you would like to bring into your office space.

Most importantly, though, you need to remember that your office carpets and flooring are an investment. You will not want to replace your carpeting for many years. Although you may not know where your business will stand in a decade, you surely have a growth plan, and your carpeting should work within that. After all, having a colourful office is just one small part of your business – and fortunately for you, it is our whole business.

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