The Complete Guide To Buying Carpet

Buying Carpet

Carpet is not usually something you need to buy very often, so it’s important to make sure that you choose the right one. You’ll walk on it every day and it’ll make a big difference to the appearance of your home. Therefore, it’s critical to ensure that when searching for a new carpet you choose one that is perfect for both durability and style. As with any investment for your home, you should do some research first. Our expert team has put together some of the most common queries we are asked to help you when you make a visit to the carpet shop.

Visiting A Carpet Shop

Ordering online solely based on a photograph is risky business. Visiting a physical store enables you to feel and look at all of your options. Touching the carpet is the easiest way to see whether it is right for you. It’s going to be under your feet, so you should make sure it feels comfortable. Sure, you could order some samples online, but this might limit your selection. There are countless materials and densities to choose from at a carpet shop. Although two samples may feel similar, you should get help with the specifications as they may be made of different materials with different durability.

Take Samples Home

If you happen to like a material, don’t be afraid to take a sample home and try before you buy. A new carpet is quite a big decision, so you want to make sure it’s the right one. You should ensure the colour matches your walls, furniture and overall feel of the property.

Under ‘true light’ conditions carpets can look very different. So it’s important to ask for a carpet sample to ensure you are happy with how it looks before purchasing.

Have An Idea Of How Much You Need

To have a better idea for pricing, it’s better to have a good sense of the square footage you need. This is often easy to estimate with a trusty tape measure. However, if a room is a funny shape with lots of nooks and crannies, you may need some professional help.

Even if it’s just a rough estimate, you’ll get a much better idea of prices if you can predict how much you’ll need before shopping. This can help with budgeting, as carpets are sold by the roll. If measuring up seems like an impossible task, there’s no need to worry because our fitters offer a free measuring service.

Don’t Buy Based On Appearance

In an ideal world, walking into a carpet shop and choosing the first sample you like the look of would be much simpler. You don’t have to compromise on style, but you should be mindful that a material may not be compatible with your property.

Don’t Forget To Consider Your Lifestyle

You may have to rule out a few options depending on you and the people in your property. Kids or pets will influence what is recommended to you, because you’ll need something that is easy to clean. If you’ve got lots of people coming in and out your property every day, you’ll want a hardwearing material. When visiting a carpet shop, it’s important to think about whether the floor coverings are practical for your daily life.

Don’t Forget About Underlay

Underlay can vastly improve the feel of your floor. It’s the material that goes underneath a carpet, so investing in it can make a difference. Quality underlay can make carpet feel much softer, as there is extra cushioning. It also adds an extra layer of insulation, so it can help to reduce noise caused by walking across the floor. This is especially useful when it’s going to be placed upstairs or in places where noise needs to be kept to a minimum.

When Should You Fit Underlay

Underlay is nearly always recommended, especially in places where the floor has texture and bumps. You’ll also need it if the bottom of your chosen carpet as a textile or latex backing. When purchasing carpet, it’s important to understand that the underlay is an investment. Therefore, we don’t recommend pairing your new carpet with cheap underlay. Generally, the better the underlay, the better the finish your carpet will be. This in turn will lead to better durability and comfort.

Purchasing underlay separately to your carpet may work out cheaper. It’s fairly standard to not receive samples of underlay if you order online, so we recommend visiting the carpet shop to view some. This makes it easier for you to make a decision based on your wants and needs.

How To Choose Carpets For Each Room

It’s important to understand the requirements of the room you’re purchasing new carpet for. In our experience, each home and each area of that home has its own quirks and styles. This should be considered when purchasing a carpet.

Typically, a bedroom carpet takes far less wear and tear than carpet on the stairs. This could mean opting for a more luxurious feel for your bedroom and choosing a hardier carpet for your stairs. The right carpet will offer the correct balance of comfort and durability in the place you’re laying it.

How Is The Space Used?

Choosing a new carpet may seem as simple as choosing the best looking and feeling flooring for your house. However, you might want to take time to think about it. When looking at carpets, it’s important to consider the function of the room. Will it be in a home office with lots of furniture on? In a busy hallway? Or will it be cushioning your toes in your bedroom? Wherever it’s placed, we can recommend the most suitable carpets for the different spaces in your home.

Maintenance For Carpets

It’s all well and good having a great looking carpet, but if it’s not well kept, it’s not going to look very nice for long. Hallways will probably require more maintenance than any other room because of the heavy footfall. So, think practically. Don’t go for a high-pile carpet if you know it’ll only get trodden down in a high-traffic area. If you have pets, avoiding carpets that are the opposite colour to their fur may be recommended, and you should try to avoid light colours because dirt can show quite prominently.

grey rug close up

Choose A New Carpet

Different materials and different types of flooring will vary in terms of durability and cleaning. If you’re unsure which is right for you, our team can advise you. Contact us today if you’d like to discuss your needs with a member of our friendly team. Alternatively, make a visit to one of our carpet shops in Cwmbran or Newport to see what we have to offer.


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