Types Of Blinds Cwmbran

Types Of Window Blinds

Looking at different types of blinds? At MG Carpets, we believe that when redecorating, it’s important to remember that these can have a big effect on any room. They must work well with their surroundings and go with any patterns you may choose as well as being practical. There are several styles which you can choose from which you can also personalise.

Fashionable Blinds Cwmbran

Our range of fashionable blinds will guarantee to impress. If you like streamline designs and slick layouts, our perfect fit blinds are perfect for you. They effortlessly bring a room together and make everything work together. Our roman and roller blind are also a favoured style for those with an eye for fashion. They can easily make the aesthetic of the room with modern patterns or even statement ones. It’s all about knowing what goes together as you can easily make a space look cluttered with over-designing! Mix, match and play around with colours and patterns to find something that works for you. We have an array of fabrics to choose from to make your dream come true. Contact us on 01633 870701 for more information.

Rustic Blinds Cwmbran

When people are looking for rustic blinds, we offer our wooden venetian style as they tie in nature perfectly with the surroundings of your home. It’s common lately to mix these blinds with modern furnishings which works very well if done correctly. However, they do still work with slightly dated or cabin themed homes. Wood is easily incorporated into furnishings such as bed frames or cabinets. Bamboo is often used for rustic roman blind styles as it folds nicely and easier than hard wood. These increasing in popularity as they’re more environmentally friendly than other materials like metals and plastics. These often give a more cosy, intimate feel to a home as they’re not harsh on the eyes and offer warm tones. Make rustic blinds your preferred blind today and receive a free quote by calling 01633 870701.

Modern Blinds Cwmbran

MG Carpets offer modern blinds that come in a range of patterns and colours that can fit any colour scheme or design. Best for offices or commercial spaces, vertical and roller blinds are easy to tie in with modern layouts due to the selection of finishes available and the option for these to be blackout for extra protection and practicality. Use decorative items to bring a pop of colour instead of a more permanent option. Colour is a thing of the past if you want the true modern look, monochrome is your new best friend when it comes to walls and binds. Our pleated blinds are not only a modern style but also modern technology. The honeycomb fabric finish means less heat escapes your room, saving your energy.

Best Patterned Blinds

Patterned blinds are a good way to bring a bit of life or fun into a space. Popular in children’s rooms or lounges, you can use these to add character to a room. If you are wanting to renovate a room on a budget, these are a good option as you don’t have to focus on the furnishings of a room so much if your blinds are quite a loud design. More common patterns are floral or bright ones as, because they are close to the biggest light source, they make a room appear bigger. Roman blinds are the perfect choice if you’re trying to match furnishing fabrics as they can be created with nearly any fabric and can bring a room together. Be careful when doing this, though, as a busy pattern may be too much for the room, especially if it’s a confined space.

MG Carpets Cwmbran

Come to MG Carpets for the best selection of blind styles and designs which can be customised to fit your home. It’s not often you find services like ours that are affordable and great quality. So be sure to call us today on 01633 870701 to receive a free quote or to speak to one of our experienced team


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