What To Do With Carpet Offcuts Newport

What To Do With Carpet Offcuts Newport

When we have a new carpet fitted with even the best company there will be offcuts leftover. Rather than them going to waste, why not save the landfill or them sitting in a shed and find a use for these perfectly good pieces. You will be surprised how useful these can be!

A Doormat Or Runner

It can be hard to find a doormat or runner that matches with your new carpet. Well look no further. The offcuts with a bit of binding are the ideal match for your new carpet and keeps it cleaner for longer from the moment you walk in the door.

Give Your Car That Extra Something

Most offcuts from new carpet are the perfect size for car foot wells. Give your vehicle an extra splash of colour and easily to clean too. Should the offcut be big enough it also makes a great lining for your boot, making an easy clean option.

Protect Your Floors

Most people now have wood or wood effect floors that always seem to get scratched by heavy furniture. By taking small circles from the offcuts and use the to cushion the legs from your floor. No more scratches to worry about.

Ideal For Cats

Simply take the offcuts and wrap them around a cardboard tube, it makes the perfect scratching post for your cat. Keeping them away from your sofas & armchairs.

Perfect For Exercise

Do you need a more comfortable exercise mat? Perfect for yoga, simply cut the offcut to size and bind the edges and it can be easily rolled for transport to your favourite class.

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