Which Window Blinds To Choose For Your Room

Which Window Blinds To Choose For Your Room

With such a large range of blinds to choose from it can be difficult to find the most suitable blinds for the room. With various colours and styles available, it’s important to make sure that the blinds you choose are functional and suit the space you add them too. 

We have compiled a list of some helpful tips to guide you through choosing the right blinds for  the right room.

Blinds For Your Bedroom

Blinds in bedrooms can often be overlooked for more traditional window coverings such as curtains however, blinds can be much more beneficial for blocking out light. Roller blinds are the best for blocking light out, extending the darkness for as long as you want.

Venetian and vertical blinds are also great choices however, they do tend to let in more sunlight when closed. Overall for a darker room and to create the perfect environment for sleep, roller blinds are the most ideal choice.

Blinds For Bathrooms & Kitchens

Bathrooms can often be tricky to decorate with window coverings due to the higher level of humidity. This means choosing blinds that can cope with more moisture in the air. A robust, water- resistant blind is the best chance for a well performing blind.

What are the best Blinds for a Kitchen? 

Similar to bathroom blinds, kitchen window covers should be made from water- resistant materials. They may also need to be wipeable and dirt resistant in order to avoid your blinds being damaged. 

How Much To Spend

Determining your budget will help you decide which style and materials you would like for your rooms. We have various choices available for all kinds of budgets.

Our expert team will advise you on the best possible options depending on your budget.

Window Blinds Newport

We have been selling blinds and carpets in Newport since 1994. As a family run business for over 24 years, we have been supplying quality window blinds for both commercial and domestic premises at affordable & competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on delivering products with a high level of customer satisfaction. We are committed to providing the highest standards of service


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