Why Choosing A Local Carpet Company Is Best

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Sometimes it can be difficult to decide which carpet company you want to choose for the supply and fitting of your new flooring. There are so many to choose from, from household names to local businesses. As your local carpet fitting company, we want to share with you why we think choosing a small, independent business to fit your carpets is best.

Personalised Service

Local businesses often pride themselves on providing a personal service to their customers. Small carpet companies can consult with you and get to know you on a deeper level. As well as that, the warranties associated with local carpet companies tend to be more robust. Large carpet dealers can invest huge sums of money to change suppliers and therefore change how they honour warranties. With smaller businesses, this is less likely to happen and your warranty is much more likely to be valid for its full duration. Even if there was a change in policy, smaller companies will often do more to protect their reputation and ensure their customers are happy with their service.

Cheap Carpets, Remnants & Cut-Offs

A local carpet company will want to make the most of all the stock they have. Therefore, when purchasing off-cuts and remnants you’re likely to get a fantastic price. At MG Carpets & Rugs, carpet roll ends can sometimes sell for over 50% off the standard price. We can do this because we’re a small business that value our offcuts individually. The shapes and sizes do vary, but there’s every chance that we’ll have the perfect amount for your project at a fraction of the full cost.

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Local Carpet Fitting Service

When you choose a local carpet company to carry out a service in your home, you can benefit from faster call-out services. They won’t have to travel too far to get to you, so the initial work and any amends should be attended to quickly. As well as that, MG Carpets & Rugs offer a free measuring service. Because we’re small and local, we can come to your home and advise exactly how much carpet you’ll need based on your exact measurements, at no extra cost to you.

For A Local Carpet Company, Choose MG Carpets & Rugs

If you’d like to choose a local carpet service in Newport, Cwmbran or anywhere else in South Wales, get in touch with us today. We offer many unique benefits that are sure to leave you with a smile.


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