Your New Carpet Choice & Children

Your New Carpet Choice & Children

We all know that buying a new carpet can be an expense, but have you thought about how that carpet will be used in your home. If you have children making the right choice is important because you want your new carpet to fit perfectly in your home and in your family’s lifestyle.

Be Prepared

Think about how the carpet in that room will be used. If your children are still small and falls & tumbles are common, having a softer landing will save on too many tears. Although great for breaking a fall, deep pile carpets, aren’t always the best for clean ups after a spills or messes. Balancing the pile of your carpet will give you a great overall look and be practical too.

What Colour Carpet To Choose

Now, if you want a white carpet, no matter how old your children are, there will be clean up required and a possibility of lasting stains. Maybe consider a darker shade to allow for the possibly of improving mess cover up & removal. Don’t go to dark because the darker the carpet, the more dirt can show up.

This doesn’t mean you need a darkish carpet with a heavy pattern. Go for the colour and style that best suits you and your home but do remember a bit of practicality helps. There are great carpet cleaners available and will regular care most carpets can be maintained.

Consider Buying A Rug

You have just invested in a brand-new shiny carpet; it looks nice and fits perfectly in your home. Now with children, there is a chance it may not stay that way. Maybe think about having a complementary rug to help your carpet to last that bit longer. Try to place the rug in an area that will see the most wear & tear, maybe a small rug for the children’s play area will help protect the carpet underneath.

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